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He also performed in the group Manchild (which had a 1977 hit "Especially for You" with band member Daryl Simmons) as a guitarist.

He played keyboards in the light-funk and R&B group the Deele (which also included drummer Antonio "L.

The marriage was almost over before it even started.

After only two weeks of marriage, the couple’s French Polynesian wedding in Bora Bora was one most people could only dream of. The couple released a jaw-dropping statement about their decision to part ways.

Nonetheless, producers Telepictures and Lisa G Productions plan to eliminate 15 to 20 employees from the show’s 170-person staff across its offices in Los Angeles, New York City and Las Vegas.

“It’s normal for any business to take a look at production requirements, even on a successful show like ‘E Edmonds will be leaving the show soon and plans to return to producing.

NFL legend, Deion Sanders, has taken the time to profess the many reasons why he’s still in love with his woman, Tracey Edmonds, whom he’s been dating for a few years now. It took her a minute, given her very short marriage to Eddie Murphy (they married after her Babyface divorce), but she made it through, and found her perfect match in Deion.

Tracey is the ex-wife of singer/super-producer, Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds, with whom she also has two kids with. Wishing the lovebird couple a lifetime of happy couple bliss. Kelly found himself at the center of controversy following a string of allegations about him keeping women as “sex slaves.” For those who missed it, family members of the alleged victims claim ?

Edmonds later played with funk performer Bootsy Collins, who tagged him "Babyface" because of his youthful look.

As expected, news outlets began digging for other reasons that may have led to the divorce shortly after the statement was released.

There were reports about disputes over Tracey Edmonds changing her name.

According to the insider, Edmonds’ decision to leave was made before the layoffs, and the date of her final episode has yet not been disclosed.

Mario Lopez and Charissa Thompson are staying on as co-anchors, and the show currently does not plan to hire a replacement for Edmonds.

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