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"Those responsible for the theft of these banners travelled some distance, clearly intent on targeting symbols of unionist culture." Mr Mc Causland said that information about the theft of the banners had been passed to the PSNI.

"Those responsible for posting the images of the stolen banners on social media are clearly identifiable and this information has now been passed to the police," he said.

The banners had been erected in St Aubyn Street and Keadyville Avenue as part of the area's Twelfth celebrations.

"The ritualistic theft and burning of items associated with the culture and identity of the unionist and Protestant community on republican bonfires is nothing less than an act of sectarian bigotry and hatred," he said.

He was nearing the end of his 12-hour shift when he was sent to a call-out in Lismore Manor where a dissident republican gunman was lying in wait.

The family were all-too aware of the potential dangers he faced in the wake of the Massereene Barracks killings on Saturday.

His retirement would also have coincided with another family landmark: the couple's silver wedding anniversary next year."These people have just taken my life as well," said Mrs Carroll.Swift doesn’t talk much about religion, and even actively avoids it.She wrote a message to fans on a forum on her website: Just wanted to remind you guys that let’s try to avoid topics and conversations that lean towards political or religious topics.However, while bonfires on August 8 are the traditional way the event is noted, nationalist and republican politicians condemned the practice.Sinn Fein MLA Fra Mc Cann said there was work being done in republican communities to try and bring people away from the bonfires.

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