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You are then able to modify input arguments, return values or replace a method entirely.

For that reason, the hook system can be considered as offering aspect oriented programming (AOP) in Shopware.

A BBC report about a scientific sex study, along with controversial actions taken by a selective online dating site, spurred reaction from people in the blogosphere and in social media.

Shopware was built with plugin developers in mind, so there are powerful ways to modify the default behaviour of the system without loosing backward compatibility.

In this post I want to discuss the technical details of Shopware's hook system.

Soto has become a hero of the day in accounts from witnesses, who say she gave her life trying to keep Lanza from her classroom.

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Mills contested the police account of events, saying that he signed up for the 5K to 'politely' ask Soto's family a question about whether a picture of Soto sitting on a rock at the beach had been photo-shopped. There are shootings all the time with no conspiracies related to them.

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