Outlook 2016 sharepoint calendar not updating

Right now, when you create a calendar appointment, the group itself is automatically invited, and so the calendar functions like a distribution list, inviting all the members of the Group.We would like the calendar to have the ability to act more like a separate calendar, or a teamsite calendar.But when viewing it in Outlook 2010 the meetings and appointments are all wrong.Some are on the wrong dates, some take up an entire day. The user must have changed the view of the calendars in Outlook.The same problem occurs if two people try to look at the same Personal Address Book.Of course, if two people share the same computer at different times of the day, they can share data; see Sharing Microsoft Outlook Info on One PC.Easy, affordable and effective; download free trial version at Real-time synchronization, Internet sharing, shared personal and public folders in Outlook. This feature allows you to email all or part of your calendar, or publish it to the Internet or any a WEBDAV server.

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New: Office Calendar lets you share Outlook calendar, contact & task information without Exchange Server.

One reason that this goal of sharing is so elusive is that standalone users store data in Personal Folders files.

However, two people cannot work from the same Personal Folders file at the same time, because these files are not designed for shared access.

Note: When viewing the Share Point calendar using Outlook, you can force an update of the events by selecting Tools Once you have successfully connected to the Share Point calendar, you are merely using Outlook as a viewer.

The events on the Share Point calendar are not tied to your Exchange Outlook calendar.

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