Norton antivirus 2016 not updating

When I said I wanted to cancel and get a refund I was told there would be a cancellation fee! When you log on or startup machine the disk access is at 100% until you disable and re-enable Norton. There on solution is to re-install software that fixes nothing. I installed Norton in my laptop and worked well until I restarted the computer. Their instructions were to take the firewall down, which I did. Then the instruction were to uninstall the program, which I did. After talking to four different persons for over an hour and a half, the technical department in essence said that since I uninstalled the program and I did not have internet, it was not their problem to check with the internet company. The wireless connection works on five other devices and my Wi Fi card in the computer identifies the network but it is unable to connect.Additionally, the auto renew price is double what the same product costs retail. It is not the wireless service or modem, or the computer.

In desperation, I uninstalled NIS this time using the Norton Removal Tool (instead of the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool), then reinstalled it by downloading it from my Norton account.

I had to buy a new computer, and got a different anti-virus program.

I contacted Norton to cancel, and to get a refund for the 131 days left in my subscription.

I was told I could not cancel after 60 days from renewal, and they refused to issue a refund.

I was forced to pay them for the 131 days I will not have their product.

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