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(a=f);var b=i(a);if(CSS&&! The office of Truly Madly, an online dating app, sits on the dusty outskirts of Delhi, India.For more than a year, my extended family had been laboring on my behalf, receiving and rejecting proposals.Things were getting desperate; I was 22, and apparently throbbing with marriageability. As per custom, I met Alex at the door with averted eyes and a guarded smile, feeling ridiculous in the traditional Indian garb my mother insisted was appropriate for the occasion.“For me, everything depends on the person, not the religion.” In the offices of Truly Madly, nearly half of the 40 employees are women; most are under 30 and have moved to Delhi from small towns in search of their fortunes.Many, including Arshad, have dated men of their own choosing.The prospective overseas groom holds out the lure of a better quality of life and enhanced social prestige to the bride’s family.

Yes, I know this is hard for most Americans to understand, but it's true. But what can "choice" mean in such restrictive circumstances? Yes, we’ve changed, and yes, we’ve accommodated, but isn’t No, my elders would say emphatically, it is not. He’s a committed provider and a loving father to our two children.A couple sits on the seafront on the eve of Valentine's Day in Mumbai, February 13, 2009.The first time I met Alex was on my parents’ doorstep, the winter after I graduated from college. 3, or 7, or maybe even 12; by the time my parents met him at the bus station and drove him to our house, I had long lost count.This not only leads to a victimization of one of the partners, most often the woman, but creates social problems with widespread consequences. The first where the NRI groom ostensibly comes bride-hunting to India while the actual aim is to make money and the second where an NRI marriage is used as a way to get a visa for the partner residing in India.It is the first type which has particularly heart-rending social and economic consequences for the India-based bride and her family.

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