Dating the metta sutta langru

We can realize profound psychological benefits from practicing Metta, or Loving Kindness, meditation.I recommend savoring the Great Bell Chant that features Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh chanting and speaking a message of Metta.Sharon Salzberg in her book (Shambhala) explains this in detail and offers exercises with which to begin to implement the Metta Sutta.I highly recommend the book to anyone wishing to bring loving kindness into fruition more fully in his or her life.One of our commenters asked about whether the Lotus Sutra was considered authentic according to the Theravadin view.To answer this from the traditional Theravadin point of view, all the Mahayana Sutras are inauthentic in the sense that they were not spoken by the Buddha.A total of 23,500 Renminbi (S,695.30) was handed to Venerable Dao Dun from Singapore's Hai Inn Monastery.The sum will be distributed to poor Sangha members in Gansu province during Ven Dao Dun's trip to the place in June 2007.

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And we have the innate capacity to both give and receive love.Located in the Samoeng district of Thailand’s Chiengmai Province, Ban Mae Toh School currently provides education for 300 students, aged between 6 and 14 years old, comprising children from poor families, orphans as well as abandoned kids.Dana Citta Buddhist Society, together with the estate of the late Sis Pearl Goh, sponsored the repair works for the dining area by laying tiles on the floor and reinforcing the roofs, thereby providing the students with a safer and a more conducive environment.The upshot is that the Lotus Sutra was composed over a period of time, or in a number of stages.The oldest sources probably stem from a little before the common era, and it was finalized around 200 CE.

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